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Rosun has been Roxycide™- A Broad Spectrum and Efficacy Disinfectant Roxycide™is a concentrated disinfectant powder as one of effective animal disinfectant products that can be mixed with water, to form a powerful disinfecting solution. The triple salt and sodium chloride compound complexed with a surfactant generates high levels of free radicals, activated oxygen and hypochlorous acid has proven highly effective against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in environments including organic matter and biofilms. This is an activated oxygen intervention farm animal care disinfectant for poultry, swine, aquaculture disinfectant, pet, dairy, industrial, friendly to the environment and animals.

Animal Disinfectant Products

Livestock Poultry Pet Vet Disinfection
Livestock Poultry Pet Vet Disinfection
Roxycide disinfectant, a trusted shield for prevention, broad-spectrum disinfectant bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal.
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Aquaculture Disinfection
Aquaculture Disinfection
Roxycide is a concentrated disinfectant powder that can be mixed with water, to form a powerful disinfecting solution with efficacy against fish viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds.
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Intervention Farm Animal Care Disinfectant Applications

Roxycide Veterinary Disinfectant is a high quality disinfectant used for farm animal health care. The animal facility disinfectant is very effective against a variety of pathogenic microorganisms of animals, including bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and molds when you use it according to instruction. It can be used on farms and barns, livestock buildings, barn and farm premises, breeding facilities, foot baths and wash stalls, pens and stalls, truck washing facilities.

Rosun is a professional animal care disinfectant manufacturer and supplier, we are able to offer various types of disinfectant for sale, including farm disinfectant, poultry disinfectant, cattle shed disinfectant, and pet disinfectant. We offer high-quality disinfectants at a cheap price, contact us now to know more!

Oxygen Disinfectant Used As Disinfectant Safe for Animals

Roxycide Veterinary Disinfectant is an animal-safe and pet safe disinfectant cleaner oxygen bleach disinfectant for veterinary. It is designed to clean as a gentler and less toxic disinfectant. Because it is activated oxygen bleach, it will not only remove soils and stains from plastics, stainless steel, and hard surfaces but also eliminate nasty animal odors. Oxygen bleach for disinfecting is safer for use on animal farms since it's not the bleach containing chlorine that will cause health damage to animals. We offer disinfectants for animals including the disinfectant used in poultry farm, disinfectant for pets, aquaculture disinfectant, etc.

FAQ of Animal Facility Hygiene Disinfectant

What Disinfectant Is Safe For Chickens?

It is effective to common pathogenic microorganisms, cheap, easy to purchase, easy to dissolve in water, safe to human and chicken, no corrosive to utensils (material trough, water dispenser, etc.), no residual toxicity, and no harmful accumulation or residue in the chicken body or eggs after repeated use. Roxycide chicken coop disinfectant is suitable for chicken farm owners.

How Do You Disinfect Poultry?

Clear and wash: The feces in the chicken house were removed and treated in a centralized way. Then use high-pressure water spray to wash the ceiling, walls, doors and windows, floor, and all facilities thoroughly.

Disinfection: The dosage of Roxycide disinfectant is calculated as 1 liter per square meter. The order of disinfection is first up and then down, that is, spraying the ceiling first, then walls and doors and windows, and finally the ground. Open the doors and windows for ventilation.

How Do You Disinfect A Fish Pond?

Due to feeding, fertilization, and excretion of cultured animals, a large amount of residual bait, fertilizer residue, feces, corpses, organic debris, and other organisms were deposited at the bottom of the pond. At the end of a breeding cycle, the water in the pond is drained, the excessive sludge is dug manually or mechanically, frozen and exposed to the sun for a period of time, and then thoroughly disinfected with drugs.

What Are The Main Methods Of Disinfection?

At present, the main disinfection methods are liquid chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, and ultraviolet, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages and suitable conditions. The selection of disinfection methods requires that a variety of pathogenic microorganisms can be inactivated efficiently and quickly, and it also has the characteristics of good adaptability, economy, safety, no secondary pollution, convenient operation, and convenient transportation and storage of consumables.

How Do You Disinfect A Poultry Farm?

Prevent disinfection. When there is no infectious disease at ordinary times, livestock (poultry) houses, sites, utensils, and drinking water should be cleaned and disinfected regularly in combination with feeding management. Requirements: clean and disinfect the environment around the farm at least twice a month; clean the barns and passageways every day and disinfect twice a week;

Disinfect the surface of the livestock (poultry) once a week. The utensils and food tanks should be cleaned daily. The best time to disinfect the food in summer is to disinfect the imported vehicles and personnel into the shed. Its purpose is to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases.

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