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Nowadays, with the introduction of new environmental protection taxes for animal husbandry, more and more animal breeders are beginning to pay attention to the management of animal breeding environments, which is a good thing as it will lead to a more environmentally friendly living environment. However, when pig farmers carry out disinfection on their pig farms, there are often a lot of problems.

Many pig farmers encounter problems during the disinfection process, such as: inadequate understanding of the importance of disinfection in the pig farm, uncertainty about the effectiveness of disinfection, choosing the wrong disinfectant, using a disinfectant that they are unaware of its effectiveness, and some animal breeders are disinfecting their pig farms purely for psychological comfort because they see their neighbours using disinfectant – they do not understand the true purpose of disinfection. Today, we will discuss with pig farmers the issue of selection and use of disinfectants in pig farm production management.

Iodine-based swine barn disinfectant

  • Wide-spectrum, bactericidal and virucidal with fast killing effect on bacterial spores, fungi and viruses.

  • Safe to use with little skin and mucosal irritation, low toxicity and no staining.

Quaternary ammonia salt-based swine barn disinfectant

  • Low raw material cost.

  • Broad-spectrum bactericidal with low toxicity.

  • It has a feature of removing stains and strong resistance to hard water.

Aldehyde-based swine barn disinfectant

  • Low raw material cost.

  • Broad-spectrum bactericidal and strong virucidal and bacteriostatic effect.

Acid-based swine barn disinfectant, where the main acid is peracetic acid

  • Non-polluting with no residue of toxic substances after disinfection.

  • Can kill all microorganisms as an effective disinfectant.

Chlorine-based swine barn disinfectant

  • Easy to use and low cost.

  • Broad-spectrum bactericidal, with killing effect on bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Alkaline swine barn disinfectant

Mainly including sodium hydroxide, slaked lime, etc., generally have good disinfection effect, suitable for disinfection in environments that are damp and not exposed to sunlight, and also used for disinfection of drainage ditches and feces and urine, but have necessary irritation and corrosiveness, and are low-priced.

  • Broad-spectrum disinfection: kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses;

  • Safe, low-toxic, and non-irritating;

  • No corrosion to pig farm facilities and items;

  • Stable chemical properties;

  • Low sensitivity to organic matter interference;

  • Can maintain killing effect under low temperature conditions.

Potassium monopersulfate disinfectant

The main ingredient is potassium monopersulfate and other effective ingredients work synergistically to produce high concentration of active oxygen, other active factors, and hypochlorite through chain reaction.

  • Effectively resists and kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

  • Acts quickly and penetrates the biofilm, killing most pathogens in 5-10 minutes.

  • Acts comprehensively on the surface of objects, air, and water bodies. Can be used for surface spraying, water systems, particle spraying, atomization, etc.

  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Overall, farmers should choose disinfectants according to the disinfection objects and the desired disinfection goals. For example, for external environmental disinfection or foot disinfection in pig farms, powder products can be selected; for empty house disinfection and soaking disinfection, disinfectants with low corrosiveness to equipment should be selected, such as iodine preparatio n, aldehyde preparations, and quaternary ammonium salts; for livestock and poultry disinfection, disinfectants with less damage to the respiratory mucosal system should be selected, such as iodine preparations; if water disinfection is carried out, disinfectants with higher safety can be selected, such as iodine preparations and quaternary ammonium salts. Farmers should not only have awareness of pig farm disinfection, but also know how to choose suitable swine barn disinfectants, only in this way can the best disinfection effect be achieved.

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