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1. What are the disinfectants for drinking water?

Commonly used water disinfection methods are chlorination disinfection and chlorine dioxide disinfection. The chlorination disinfection method uses bleaching powder, bleaching fine powder (tablet), sodium dichloroisocyanurate, and water disinfectant with chlorine. The chlorine dioxide disinfection method can use steady-state chlorine dioxide or chlorine dioxide generators for disinfection.

2. How to use drinking water disinfectant

Because water source and water quality are different, the amounts of drinking water treatment chemicals required are different. Normally, the amount of disinfectant in surface water is larger than that in groundwater, and the amount of disinfectant in shallow well water is larger than that in deep well water. The amount of water disinfectant before purification is larger than that after purification. Generally, the post-filtration disinfection method is adopted, that is, the water disinfectant with chlorine is added after the purification treatment such as precipitation filtration.

Chlorinator or slow-release chlorinating device can be used, or the method of adding water disinfectant with chlorine in clean pool, reservoir or water container before water supply, that is, the amount of chlorine that is added is calculated based on the amount of water and the effective chlorine content of the disinfectant. Then dissolve the drinking water disinfectant and put it into the water, mix it well and supply water after 30 minutes.

For schools that have not set up sedimentation, filtration, and water storage facilities due to limited conditions or good water quality, and use water directly from the well, the method of adding disinfectant to the well or reservoir can also be used. Calculate the well water volume according to the water depth and the diameter of the well, or the capacity of the pool, add water disinfectant with chlorine to the well or pool every morning and afternoon, shake it several times with a clean bucket or bamboo pole, and use it after 30 minutes.

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