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Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash

Rosun antiviral mouthwash contains chlorhexidine acetate and trichloro hydroxy diphenyl ether, which can effectively against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It has an antibacterial effect on plaque, halitosis, periodontitis, gingivitis, gingival bleeding, periodontal abscess, oral mucosal ulcer, and other oral problems caused by bacteria. It can be used for the prevention of oral harmful bacteria and postoperative nursing of oral surgery. Antibacterial mouthwash with a variety of plant extracts, the taste is cool, comfortable, mild, and not irritating. It can quickly remove the bad smell of the mouth, keep the breath fresh for a long time, and maintain the balance of oral flora.

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Specification of Mouth Wash

Main Ingredients: Chlorhexidine acetate and herbal

Features: No alcohol, no antibiotics

Main Functions of Mouth Wash1. Elimination of Oral Odor

  • Elimination of oral odor

  • Effective removal of harmful bacteria causing oral odor

  • Comprehensive oral cleansing

  • Deep into the whole mouth, cleaner and more thorough

  • Herbal mild nursing

  • Add herbal essence to maintain oral mucosa mildly

  • Maintaining gingival health

  • Prevent and improve oral problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and gingival bleeding

  • Relieve oral ulcers

  • Effectively prevent and improve oral ulcer and other mucosal problems

  • Clean up oral bacteria

  • Eliminate harmful bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth

  • Recommended by the Chinese Nursing Association

Application Scenarios of Mouth Wash

Application Scenarios of Mouth Wash

Natural Ingredients of Mouth Wash1. Elimination of Oral Odor

Natural Ingredients of Mouth Wash1. Elimination of Oral Odor

Method Of Application

  • You can use it at any time if you feel uncomfortable with your mouth.

  • 10-15ml per use(1 cap)

  • Raise your head and gargle your throat, gargle for 1-2 minutes and spit out.

  • Spit out after gargling, do not swallow.

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