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Misunderstanding 1: if there is no disease, disinfection is unnecessary

The main purpose of the poultry disinfectant is to kill pathogens that are the source of infection. However, if strict and effective disinfection measures are not taken in time to purify the environment, the epidemic will be spread which causes serious economic losses. Therefore, poultry disinfection must be timely and effective.

Misunderstanding 2: no infectious diseases will occur after disinfection

Although chicken disinfectant has been used, they may not necessarily be able to completely kill pathogens. Therefore, in addition to strict disinfection, targeted immunization must also be carried out in accordance with the breeding situation and the rule of disease occurrence and epidemic so as to ensure the safety of poultry.

Misunderstanding 3: the higher the temperature during disinfection, the better

Generally, the higher the temperature of the environment during disinfection, the stronger the disinfection ability of the disinfectant. Therefore, most farms prefer to disinfect at noon. However, in terms of some disinfectants, their disinfection ability will be weakened when the temperature is high, so you need to have a clear knowledge of disinfectants and use them carefully.

Misunderstanding 4: the stronger the smell of the disinfectant, the better the effect

The effectiveness of duck disinfectant does not simply depend on the smell. There are many good disinfectants that have no smell at all, but their disinfection effect is particularly good. Therefore, the choice of disinfectant does not depend on the intensity of the smell, but on its disinfection effect, and on whether there is a blind spot for disinfection.

Misunderstanding 5: long-term single use of the same type of poultry disinfectant

Long-term single use of the same type of poultry disinfectant will cause bacteria and viruses to develop drug resistance, making it more difficult to kill bacteria and viruses in the future. Therefore, it is best for poultry farmers to use different types and varieties of disinfectants alternately to improve the disinfection effect.

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