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Our hands are our main tool. We use them every day and come into contact with a wide variety of contaminated objects such as money, computer keys, door handles, and handrails. These items are not sterile, therefore they are harbourers for hundreds and thousands of different kinds of bacteria, which can make us sick if we are not careful.

Hand hygiene has been noted as the most important thing to tackle, to prevent the spread of infections among patients and workers. According to the World Health Organization, there have been several studies that identify many possibilities of patient care activities that are likely to transmit bacteria to a healthcare worker's hands. Hospital grade alcohol hand sanitizer is quite necessary in hospitals.

Bacteria have been found in health care workers' hands from wound care, catheter care as well as contact from taking a patient's pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. Direct patient contact is the only way to contaminate another person via the hands and although washing them before and after contact seems an extremely easy solution to prevent bacteria, it is not effective if you do not wash your hands using the correct methods with disinfectant products.

As a professional personal care products manufacturer, we have Rosun Hand Hygiene Program which is a complete offering that helps with hand hygiene observation, monitoring, and standardization of handwashing processes to drive measurable improvements in clinical, operational, and financial metrics. 

We transform hand washing in hospitals to help sustain better patient outcomes.

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