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The winter has gone, Spring has come and the flowers are in bloom, the hospital logistics event has come to a successful end after the two years.

As a loyal partner of the Logistics Professional Committee of the Chinese Hospital Association, Rosun will review this industry event with you.

● Gather

The 26th academic seminar of the Logistics Professional Committee of China Hospital Association was held in Nanjing from February 25th to 26th.


With the theme of "New Era, New Power and High Quality", the conference has one theme forum and several sub-forums, and launched an annual event dedicated to hospital logistics personnel around the refined management and development of hospital logistics.


In a flash, the academic forum of the Logistics Special Committee has gone through 26 years, accumulated rich academic achievements, laid a solid foundation for the hospital logistics management to embark on a new journey, and made outstanding contributions to the development of medical and health undertakings.

Today, the logistics professional committee has become the leader and core in the field of hospital logistics.


● Navigate

Previous seminars represent the highest level of academic forums in the industry, and Rosun also participated in the exhibition on behalf of high-level service providers in the field of hospital disinfection.

Rosun Booth



Over the years, Rosun has always been adept in research and development, constantly iterating, improving product quality and service quality, and realizing the organic renewal of service field and technology coverage.

Provide customers with complete product supply chain, personalized disinfection overall solution, and advanced intelligent operation system, so that science, wisdom, environmental protection, and health run through it.

It is worth mentioning that Rosun also prepared 1200 epidemic prevention kits for the conference, including masks, disinfectant, disinfection gel, hand cream and other emergency supplies for epidemic prevention, silently guarding the health of participants from details.


During the interval of the meeting, there was an endless stream of visitors at the Rosun booth, the popularity can be seen.


Under the influence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, medical sewage disinfection and hospital infection prevention and control as important links in the medical and health field have attracted more attention. Rosun has been deeply engaged in the field of environmental protection and disinfection for 21 years, and is rising in the blue ocean of the industry with strong momentum!

● Meaningful

The awarding party on the evening of the 25th was the climax of the conference, and it was also the part that everyone was looking forward to.

As the exclusive sponsor of the award party, Rosun deeply participated in the preparations behind the scenes.


Mr. Chen Fuhai, General Manager of the Company, delivered a welcome speech


In addition to the commendation of the annual excellent organizational unit and the excellent author of the thesis, the party also included the carefully arranged program performances of various hospital units, which added a pleasant color to the serious academic atmosphere.




Rosun won the title of Gold Supporter


Group photo of Rosun team and association leaders


● New Start

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to establish a comprehensive medical security system with Chinese characteristics, which posed new challenges for deepening medical reform and provided new impetus for the construction of hospital logistics in China.

In the post-epidemic era, the general health of the whole people has become a hot topic. In the context of the healthy China strategy, the society has put forward higher requirements for the medical and health industry.


Science, wisdom, environmental protection and health are the main themes of high-quality development in the field of hospital health. Rosun will also stand at a new starting point and resonate with the national strategy and industry trend.

Focus on the intelligent construction of hospital logistics in China, and focus on the high-quality development of hospital logistics industry. Rosun will empower the industry development with the heart of craftsman and the soul of quality!


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