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Rosun hand sanitizer is an alcohol disinfectant, which is suitable for the disinfection of medical staff before and after surgery. It can effectively kill hand & intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, pathogenic yeasts, and hospital infection bacteria. The sterilization rate is 99.99%, which can effectively prevent infectious diseases and protect the skin.

Types of Hand Sanitizer

500ml Hand Sanitizer
500ml Hand Sanitizer
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How Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

Alcohol is the main component of wash-free liquid hand sanitizer. As a disinfectant, it can make some bacteria lose their life activity and achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. Rosun hand sanitizer contains alcohol. This product belongs to medical-grade. 75% alcohol can quickly kill bacteria and effectively inhibit bacteria. Skincare ingredients can effectively keep skin moist, convenient, and safe!
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