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An important part of farm disease prevention and control in the process of breeding is disinfection such as using poultry farm disinfectant spray, which can often achieve twice the result with half the effort.

But the effect of disinfection is often affected by a number of factors, thus greatly reduced. So what are the factors that affect the effect of disinfection? What characteristics should the poultry farm disinfectant have when disinfecting?

Ⅰ. Factors affecting disinfection effect of disinfectant in poultry farm

1. The nature, concentration and action time of disinfectant spray for poultry farm: The physical and chemical properties of various disinfectants are different, and their effects on pathogenic microorganisms are also different.

Most livestock disinfectant products have good bactericidal effect at high concentration, but only bacteriostatic effect when the concentration of disinfectant in poultry farm is reduced to a certain degree. High concentrations of disinfectants, such as alcohols, do not necessarily improve disinfection effectiveness.

The disinfection effect of 75% ethanol is very good, because too high concentration of ethanol will make the bacteria surface protein quickly solidified, but affect its continued infiltration, and sterilization effect is reduced!

2. Types and numbers of pathogenic microorganisms: The same disinfectant has different bactericidal effects on microorganisms of different types and in different growth periods. For example, 75% alcohol will kill ordinary bacterial propagules, but not spores.

Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate disinfectant in poultry farm such as disinfectant for cattle sheds according to the object of disinfection. In addition, the greater the number of pathogenic microorganisms is, the longer the disinfection time required is.

3. Temperature: Generally speaking, the disinfection effect of warm water is better than cold water or cold water.

4. PH: The bactericidal effect of some poultry farm disinfectants is affected by PH. For example, glutaraldehyde itself is neutral, and its aqueous solution is weak acid, when adding sodium bicarbonate, it will play the bactericidal effect.

5. Mutual antagonism of drugs: Different kinds of disinfectants have different physical and chemical properties. When two poultry farm disinfectant sprays are used together, mutual antagonism may occur, which reduces the efficacy.

For example, when some anionic cleaner and cationic cleaner are shared with benzalkonium bromide, chemical reaction will occur, so that the disinfection effect weakened, and even completely disappear!

Ⅱ. Characteristics of poultry farm disinfectant

The animal disinfectant products should have the characteristics of wide sterilization spectrum, low effective concentration, fast action, stable performance, soluble in water. It can be used at low temperature and not affected by various physical and chemical factors.

It is non-corrosive, odourless, tasteless, colorless, and low toxicity, no residual harm after disinfection, not easy to burn, safe to use, low-cost disinfectant for poultry farms.

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