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The coronavirus has been the focus of attention for nations around the world for months. Wherever people gather, strict rules must be observed and hygiene has the highest priority. This applies not only to medical facilities, but also to schools, offices, shops, and recreational venues. 

Surface disinfectant for sale is essential to disinfect all surfaces, equipment, and furniture, for example with HS-1™ from Rosun, which kills coronaviruses in just one minute.

The high-level disinfectant HS-1™ of our disinfectant factory is effective against the coronavirus. HS-1™  efficacy was independently proven against over 100 strains of viruses in 22 viral families, over 400 strains of bacteria, and over 60 strains of fungi and yeast.

Mode of Action

HS-1™ oxidizes key structures and compounds, such as proteins, leading to widespread, irreversible damage and subsequent deactivation/destruction of the microorganism. There is no evidence to suggest that bacterial disease-causing organisms develop resistance towards HS-1™ as opposed to some other types of disinfectant products.


HS-1™ is applicable for disinfection. It is diluted into a 1:100 solution and sprayed onto surfaces and is used to disinfect hard surfaces, furniture, floors, walls, and doors in residential homes and public areas. It also can be used for surfaces and objects in public areas, where many people congregate, which must be properly disinfected. These include doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals, schools and daycare centers, gyms, restaurants and catering establishments, municipal facilities and offices, institutions, and venues with high public traffic volumes.

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