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In view of the technical problems such as broken wires, small processing capacity, and difficulty in cleaning that exist in the reuse of reclaimed water in many sewage water treatment plants by MBR membrane bioreactors, the advanced floating seaweed technology concept was introduced, which changed the traditional two-way water production. For unilateral water production, it is also convenient to add the length of the same standard inner membrane filament, and then add the unit membrane area. The unilateral water production of the MBR membrane module varies, so let the MBR flat sheet membrane float in the reaction tank like seaweed during operation, but try to add a fixed bracket together with it to make it without knots when floating, thus increasing processing power.

1. The advantages of MBR flat sheet membrane in sewage water treatment

High efficiency and energy saving, because the unit membrane area is added, a small number of membrane modules can be used for large water treatment, and the power is high. High-strength, continuous filament, advanced viscose technology is used for the membrane wire, which effectively controls the problem of broken wire of the membrane module caused by the fixed viscose technology. It is easy to clean, and adopts the design method of aerating and mixing at the same time as the water is discharged. This method helps to reduce the cleaning frequency of membrane modules. Low operating cost and quick return on investment. High-performance membrane modules are selected, which have low energy consumption, low operating costs, stable effluent quality, and can be recovered for use, saving water and sewage charges, and the investment recovery period is short.

2. Advantages of MBR flat sheet membrane compared with traditional sewage water treatment

As a water treatment products manufacturer, ROSUN knows a lot about the differences between MBR flat sheet membrane ad traditional sewage water treatment. Because the MBR flat sheet membrane combines the traditional sewage water treatment aeration tank and the secondary sedimentation tank into one, and replaces all the process equipment for the tertiary treatment, it can greatly reduce the floor space and save the civil construction investment. Efficiently carry out solid-liquid separation, and its separation effect is much better than that of traditional sedimentation tanks. The effluent quality is excellent, and the effluent suspended solids and turbidity are close to zero, which can be directly reused, completing the recycling of sewage. The high-efficiency retention effect of the MBR filter membrane makes the microorganisms completely trapped in the bioreactor, completes the complete separation of the hydraulic retention time of the reactor and the sludge age, and the operation and control are sensitive and stable.

It is beneficial to the retention and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, and the system has high nitrification efficiency. After the modification of the operation method, it can also have the functions of deamination and phosphorus removal. Because the mud age can be very long, the degradation efficiency of refractory organic matter can be greatly improved. The reactor operates under high volume load, low sludge load, and long sludge age, and the remaining sludge output value is extremely low, because the sludge age can be infinitely long, and theoretically zero sludge discharge can be achieved. The equipment operates fully automatically, saving processing costs. The anti-pollution ability of the innovative MBR membrane products is very strong. During the use process, the flat sheet membranes are arranged in the membrane box according to a certain number evenly and equidistantly. The liquid mixed flow avoids the accumulation of microorganisms on the surface of the flat sheet membrane and forms the surface pollution of the flat sheet membrane; the flat sheet membrane of the MBR membrane bioreactor technology is relatively hollow fiber membrane, without the trouble of broken filaments; the flat sheet membrane of the MBR membrane bioreactor The loss of water head inside the membrane is small, the uniformity of the water in the catchment tank is good, the pressure imbalance caused by the loss of water head is reduced, the partial pollution of the membrane is formed, and the chain reaction of pollution caused by the internal structure is reduced.

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