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In a Cattle farm, cleaning and disinfectant for cattle sheds is imperative to maintain the wellbeing and health of high producing animals, such as dairy cows. This is especially the case in intensive modern housing where high density and high productivity increase the infection pressure. Thorough cleaning and adapted cattle shed disinfection decreases the pathogen level and prevents or breaks the disease cycle.

Cattle Shed Disinfectant Solutions

Roxycide™ a broad spectrum activated oxygen cattle shed disinfectant powder that provides solutions for four key challenges for Cattle farming:

Pathogen Control Disinfectant for Cattle Sheds:

Cattle shed disinfectant is a highly effective disinfectant against both bacterial and viral pathogens, eradicates major cattle pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, Enterobacteria, ECBO virus (orphan virus), Foot and mouth disease virus, Aujeszky disease virus, Poxvirus, Vaccinia virus.

Biosecurity Disinfectant for Cattle Sheds:

As a professional biocide manufacturer, roxycide™ is an effective disinfectant for cattle sheds in the prevention of disease transmission and management.

Cattle Shed Disinfectant Applications

Roxycide™ is a kind of disinfectant for livestock. Its unique formula allows for a great variety of applications such as disinfection by wet spraying, misting or (Thermo) fogging, aerial disinfection, cow teat disinfection, milking equipment disinfection, water system sanitation, wheel and foot dip, vehicle disinfection.

Cattle Shed Disinfectant Applications

Roxycide™ is readily biodegradable disinfectant for cattle sheds, does not accumulate in river beds, unlike other more dangerous substances.

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