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Process Instruction:

  1. The quality department, together with relevant departments or professionals, shall formulate inspection standards according to product standards and reference to national standards, bank standards, or customer requirements, and submit them to the deputy in charge and general manager for approval.

  2. The quality department formulates the inspection operation instruction according to the inspection standard.

  3. The sales department collects customer orders, prepares sales plans, and delivers them to the purchasing department. The purchasing department formulates and implements the raw material purchasing plan. The incoming goods are placed in the raw material warehouse for inspection.

  4. The quality department shall guarantee the material to be inspected according to the inspection operation instruction. Qualified, put into the qualified product area; Unqualified, put in the return area and inform the buyer to do return processing.

  5. The production department obtains qualified raw materials for product production, the inspectors of the quality department carry out production process inspection and process quality control, and the production workers carry out mutual inspection and sampling inspection.

  6. The inspectors of the quality department shall inspect the finished products, and the qualified products shall be stored in the warehouse and stored in the qualified product area. Unqualified (product), rework, or scrap disposal.

  7. Before the delivery of finished products, the storehouse keeper shall check the appearance of the finished products in stock, such as packaging, marking, etc. Qualified, delivery; Unqualified, rework or scrap disposal.

  8. Finished products are shipped to customers.

Raw material inspection process
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