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The purpose of disinfection for drinking water is to kill the vast majority of pathogenic microorganisms harmful to human health, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and so on. 

As disinfection treatment can not completely kill all microorganisms in water, in order to prevent the transmission of diseases through drinking water, disinfection treatment is to minimize the risk of water-borne infectious diseases caused by drinking water under the condition of meeting the microbiological standard of drinking water quality and reach the completely acceptable level. 

In routine water disinfection, disinfectant powder DW-1 is widely used in tap water, secondary water supply, rural centralized water supply, drinking water bottle, bottle cap, and filling equipment disinfection.

Types of Drinking Water Disinfectant

Disinfectant Powder DW-1
Disinfectant Powder DW-1
Rosun Disinfectant Powder is an advanced oxidation technology basing on sulfate radical [SO4-], using potassium monopersulfate compound powder(2KHSO5.KHSO4.K2SO4)as its active ingredient.
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Disinfectant of Drinking Water Characteristics

Disinfectant of Drinking Water Characteristics

  • The concentration of active oxygen is 7%-9%. Within only 15min it can kill most microorganisms in water.

  • With the cycled chain reaction in water, continuous-release active oxygen, and other free radicals, the sterilization of the product can last for long terms in water.

  • Different active ingredients coexist together, which lead to broad-spectrum, so the product is effective for bacteria and its spore, Fungi, and Virus.

  • Its killing effect will hardly be influenced.

  • It will not produce harmful residue, only a little K+ and SO4.

FAQS about Drinking Water Disinfectant

How do I purify my water?

The filter can also remove larger contaminants such as leaves, silt, dirt and sand. If the water is turbid or has floating matter, it should be filtered even if it is intended to be boiled or disinfected.

What kills bacteria in drinking water?

Normally use chlorine for drinking water disinfection. Our DW-1 is the new type disinfectant powder, When product dissloved in water, through cycle chain reaction, it will continuously produce Active Oxygen[O],Sulfate free radical[SO4-],hydroxyl free radical[-OH]which have strong oxidizing property,synergetic sterilization.

What are 3 ways to disinfect the water?

1. Boiling: Boil water for 3-5 minutes.

2. Disinfection: Use potassium monopersulfate disinfection method (DW-1) to kill microorganisms. Dosing at a ratio of 0.5-2.0mg/L, stirring and standing for 30 minutes.

3. Distillation: Fill the pot with half of water. Tie the cup to the handle on the lid so that the cup will hang upside down when the lid is inverted. Make sure that the cup is not suspended in the water. Boil the water for 20 minutes. The water dripping from the lid to the cup is distilled.

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