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The Beijing Municipal Government issued the "Beijing Water Pollution Prevention and Control Work Plan", clarifying that by 2019, the sewage treatment rate of the city will reach 94%, of which the central city and the municipal administrative sub-center built-up area will basically achieve full coverage of sewage treatment facilities and full collection and treatment of sewage.

Within two years, the black and odorous water bodies will be basically eliminated in Beijing's central city and new city built-up areas.

Actions as follows:

1. It is forbidden to build or expand farms

The city prohibits the establishment or expansion of large-scale livestock and poultry farms (except for breeding and scientific research purposes) and delimits livestock and poultry breeding prohibited areas. Livestock and poultry breeding needs animal disinfectant.

Before the end of 2016, the centralized sewage treatment chemicals facility in the industrial park will install automatic online monitoring devices; before the end of 2017, it will be connected to the municipal environmental protection department. If the industrial park has not built a centralized sewage treatment facility or the wastewater discharge of the centralized sewage treatment facility does not meet the standard, the approval and approval of the environmental assessment document of the construction project of the total discharge of new water pollutants shall be suspended.

2. Information on drinking water conditions will be made public

Before the end of 2016, complete the verification of groundwater over-exploitation areas and the delimitation of groundwater prohibited areas, restricted areas, and land subsidence control areas. Starting from 2016, in principle, no new motorized wells will be added in the city. Since 2016, information on the safety of urban centralized drinking water disinfectant has been disclosed to the public quarterly.

3. In 2017, there will be no Black and smelly river in the city

The city prohibits new informal landfills. Before the end of 2017, complete the anti-leakage renovation of the gas station. Starting in 2019, a list of groundwater contaminated sites with high environmental risks and severely affecting public health has been announced, and remediation pilots have been carried out. Since 2016, the governance of black and odorous water bodies will be announced to the public every six months. Before the end of 2017, basically eliminate the black and smelly water bodies in the built-up areas of the central city and the new city.

Beijing's Water Pollution Prevention And Control Work Plan Issued In 2019, Sewage Treatment Rate Will Reach 94%

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