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With a professional technical team, Rosun is familiar with water supply, sewage treatment process, master sewage treatment technology, operation management, and other professional knowledge. 

As a professional antiseptic disinfectant supplier, with experience in site installation and commissioning, and capable of completing the design of the technical schemes, quotations, and drawing excellently. Also familiar with the working principle and quotation of rotary filter, HEPF filter, D-type filter, MBR, integrated sewage lifting equipment, and catering oil separator.

1. According to the sewage-disposal site condition survey, to the customer's requirements for the design of the technological scheme and related work. Pre-technical support service for equipment & pharmacy, including scene investigation, water quality test, process confirmation, and related communication work. And diagnosis for the rationality of industrial water treatment chemicals technology and put forward the scientific and reasonable solution or technical measures, etc.

2. According to customer needs, select feeding equipment, on-site installation, commissioning, water sample testing, training, and guidance, including the treatment of problems related to later stage use of equipment &pharmacy, so as to provide customers with quality and stable operation services for types of disinfectant products.

3. Irregular market inspection, maintenance of end customers, timely response to deal with the failure of final equipment, and the use of medicine.
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