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Over the past month, the northern regions of China, particularly the Zhuozhou City, have been grappling with a series of devastating floods. The situation in Zhuozhou has escalated to a critical level, drawing widespread attention from all sectors of society.


In times of adversity, solidarity emerges as a powerful force. In response to the dire situation, rescue teams and essential supplies have poured into Zhuozhou from all corners of society, ensuring the basic needs of the affected residents are met.


However, the aftermath of a major disaster often brings the risk of outbreaks. The importance of post-disaster disease prevention and control cannot be underestimated. Recognizing this, Rosun, leveraging its professional expertise, has swiftly donated disinfection chlorine tablets worth ¥50,000 to Zhuozhou. This contribution will serve as a crucial line of defense against post-disaster infections for the affected community.


Disinfection Education:

After the floodwaters recede, the aftermath poses significant challenges to environmental hygiene. Accumulated waste, sewage, and stagnant water disrupt the surroundings, creating a breeding ground for disease-carrying organisms like mosquitoes, flies, and rodents. This situation can trigger the spread of infectious diseases. Furthermore, post-disaster outbreaks tend to spread rapidly and have high transmission rates, making environmental disinfection and disease prevention control pivotal aspects of post-flood response.


According to the "Guidelines for Environmental Sanitation and Preventive Disinfection in Flood-Stricken Areas" (2023 Edition) released by the National Health Commission, chlorine-based disinfectants are highly effective in eliminating various pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, cholera bacteria, hepatitis B virus, and fungi. These disinfectants are known for their efficiency, safety, broad-spectrum action, and environmentally friendly nature, making them invaluable for water disinfection as well as medical and public health sterilization.


Last week, Rosun received a heartfelt thank-you banner from the people of Zhuozhou. Embedded within their words of gratitude was not only acknowledgment for assistance but also a profound connection and camaraderie among fellow citizens.



While disasters may be unpredictable, unity has the power to conquer difficulties. With the unwavering support and aid of the entire society, Zhuozhou is poised to rejuvenate and thrive once more, demonstrating resilience and vitality in the face of adversity.

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