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1. Strictly implement all-in and all-out before using the swine barn disinfectant

The implementation of the all-in and all-out system of swine barns is the premise of disinfection work. In addition to pigs, other supplies and sundries of the swine barn also need to be all in and out together.

2. Thoroughly clean the swine barn before disinfection with the swine barn disinfectant

Before disinfection, blood, afterbirth, body surface exfoliation, secretions and some excreta must be removed from production. These organic substances in swine barns hide a large number of pathogenic microorganisms that may cause disease.

No matter what type of pig pen disinfectant, it is difficult to penetrate and play a role in it. If a large number of residual pathogenic microorganisms are not removed, it will bring great safety hazards to the next batch of pigs.

In order to play the role of disinfectant, the disinfectant must be completely in contact with pathogenic microorganisms. The result of simple washing is that there are more or less organic substances that are not easily contacted by the disinfectant. Moreover, repeated disinfection will increase the cost of the swine barn.

Therefore, it is advisable to remove as much as possible movable equipment, such as feed troughs, insulation boards or pads, etc., when cleaning, so that the pen is fully exposed.

First, soak the swine barn with low-pressure water for more than 5 to 6 hours to soften or dissolve the dirt on the floor, walls, and dark corners of the swine barn. This can shorten the actual high-pressure cleaning time, and at the same time improve the disinfection effect of the swine barn poultry disinfectant powder, saving water for the swine barn;

Secondly, under the action of the high-pressure water gun, a large amount of dirt is washed and washed away;

Third, check the effect of high-pressure cleaning, and clean the missing and incompletely cleaned places again; after low-pressure wetting and two high-pressure cleanings, such a swine barn basically meets the requirements before disinfection.

3. swine barn design and disinfection effect of swine barn disinfectant

The scientific nature of swine barn design is also related to the disinfection effect of swine barns. The swine barn design follows the three principles of simplicity, sturdiness and practicality. The effect of swine barn design should reflect convenience, practicality and simplicity in actual production operations.

A scientifically designed swine barn will have a positive impact on the disinfection of swine barns with disinfectants. There is a saying in the pig industry that "moisture is the source of all diseases". It is good that every corner of the swine barn can be dry.

A dry environment cuts off the breeding environment for many pathogenic microorganisms and should also be considered by farm designers.

4. Use swine barn disinfectant to disinfect the environment outside the swine barn

The external environment is often overlooked, such as the roads and living areas inside the farm. The pathogenic microorganisms in the environment such as the road and the flow of people and pigs on the farm are more complex than those in a single swine barn.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the roads in the intervention farm animal care disinfectant clean and hygienic, often use high-pressure water for cleaning, and use a low-toxic, broad-spectrum swine barn disinfectant for regular disinfection once a week.

The living area and office area should always be kept clean and hygienic, and once the outsiders leave the living area, they should be disinfected. When outside experts need to enter the production area, they should also shower.

Then put on the special work clothes and rubber boots for swine barns, enter through the disinfection pool in front of the production area of the swine barn and the disinfection pool (pad) in front of the building, and walk according to the prescribed route.

5. The drinking water of pigs is disinfected with drinking water disinfectant

Unsanitary drinking water is one of the reasons why pigs are infected with diseases. If harmful microorganisms such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella exceed the standard in the drinking water of swine barns, it will have a serious impact on pigs.

In addition, when swine barns feed health products and antibiotics, pipeline blockages and biofilm formation often occur, which will also affect pigs' drinking water.

Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect the drinking water pipe network regularly, usually using a water-soluble chlorine-containing drinking water disinfectant such as sodium hypochlorite effervescent tablets. For pig drinking fountains, water pipes and water tanks, bleaching powder solution is used for disinfection.

6. The use of disinfectant disinfection methods in swine barns under different temperature conditions

When the swine barn is in winter or when the temperature of the swine barn is low, the use of disinfection equipment in the swine barn is very particular. The water droplets from the sterilizer are too large to make the pig feel uncomfortable.

At present, aerosol disinfection technology is often used. This disinfection device can spray the swine barn disinfectant into the air with fine particles to form an aerosol, so as to carry out all-round disinfection of the swine barn without causing discomfort to the pigs.

At the same time, observe the size of the droplets and their falling conditions, and adjust the flow in time to make the droplets reach the required particle fineness. This atomization disinfection method can be used for disinfection of swine barns with pigs in the season of high disease incidence of swine barns.

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