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1. Characteristics of hospital sewage treatment

Hospital sewage contains some special pollutants, such as drugs, disinfectants, diagnostic agents, detergents, and a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and various viruses. In addition, the sewage from hospitals with isotope clinics also contains radioactive substances such as radium 226, phosphorus, gold 198, and iodine 131. Compared with industrial wastewater and domestic sewage, it has the characteristics of small water volume and strong pollution ability. If it is allowed to discharge, it will inevitably pollute the water source and spread diseases. Therefore, hospital sewage treatment is required.

2. Hospital sewage treatment technology

The chemical agent method is to put a proper amount of chemical agents into the sewage to oxidize the harmful substances in the sewage to achieve aggregation, adsorption and precipitation.

Calcium hypochlorite disinfectant: It is an inorganic compound. It is a white granular solid with a chlorine odor. The sewage treatment chemicals are highly soluble in water and can be formulated into various concentrations. The resulting sodium hypochlorite solution is a transparent, green to yellow liquid. With strong disinfection ability and low price, it is widely used in many fields such as industrial wastewater treatment, medicine, fine chemicals, sanitation and disinfection.

Water disinfectant powder SE-1: It is a free-flowing white powdery solid, easily soluble in water, and the water solubility is greater than 250g/L at 20°C. The bulk density is 1.1-1.2. The main active ingredient is active free radicals, which will not produce any harmful by-products and will not cause environmental pollution. SE-1 has a very powerful and effective non-chlorine oxidation capacity, and its use and treatment process meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection, so it is widely used in sewage treatment. It can be used for municipal sewage, hospital sewage disinfection and swimming pool disinfection.

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