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Rosun company representatives Ms. Sonya Yu the Director of Internal trade Dept and Mr. Aditya Muhammad the Marketing Manager of Indonesia attended the Indowater fair.

In the event, we demonstrated various water treatment disinfectant products based on Potassium monopersulfate such as DW-1 for drinking water disinfection, SE-1 for sewage water disinfection, ICW-1 for Industrial circulating water disinfection, and Roxycide for Livestock and aquatic animal disinfection and etc…

Besides potassium monopersulfate disinfectant, we also introduced our visitors to a new water treatment technology named Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), this product is our answer to current problems facing on shortage of clean water resources by producing freshwater from seawater and recycled water from wastewater to realize the water reuse.

Compared with the traditional wastewater treatment system, the MBR products have many advantages as they produce high-quality recycled water from wastewater, more productivity with less land use, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

Therefore, although Membrane bioreactor Technology is considered a new technology in the water treatment field, many professionals and companies were very interested in our product.

Rosun hopes with our products and technology, we can contribute to providing access for more people to high-quality water as we believe that high-quality water leads to a high-quality life.

Rosun Attended Indowater 2017

Rosun Attended Indowater 2017

Rosun Attended Indowater 2017

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