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Ⅰ. About MBR membrane bioreactor

Membrane bioreactor is mainly composed of membrane components and bioreactor. A large number of microorganisms (activated sludge) are in full contact with substrates (biodegradable organic matter in wastewater, etc.).

In the membrane bioreactor system, organic pollutants are metabolized through oxidative decomposition to maintain self-growth, reproduction and degradation. The membrane module can separate a solid-liquid mixture of wastewater and sludge by mechanical screening and interception.

Macromolecules are concentrated and returned to the mbr reactor to avoid microbial loss. The membrane module is equivalent to the traditional secondary sedimentation tank, but the membrane bioreactor overcomes many disadvantages of the traditional secondary sedimentation tank. The process characteristics and main characteristics of membrane bioreactor are as follows.

Ⅱ. Process characteristics of MBR membrane bioreactor

The membrane bioreactor can effectively reduce, harmless and recycle leachate, which is also the target of pollutant treatment.

The membrane bioreactor process uses biochemical treatment and physical and chemicals used in wastewater treatment. MBR membrane bioreactor using comprehensive treatment method (biological method and membrane method) can be more thorough degradation of pollutants, reducing the number of pollutants and reducing the degree of harm.

Ⅲ. Main characteristics of membrane bioreactor system

1. Low operating cost

Landfill leachate has high organic content, complex composition and high treatment cost. MBR membrane bioreactor (MBR) adopts membrane bioreactor treatment technology with low energy consumption and low cost, considering the early investment and late operation cost.

2. Resist a certain impact load

The characteristics of landfill leachate are that the water quality and quantity change easily. Especially, the change of water quality directly determines the feasibility of membrane bioreactor process.

In the process of design, these changes were fully considered, and various effective measures and methods such as using the water disinfectant powder were adopted to deal with these effects, so as to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the membrane bioreactor system.

3. Less secondary pollution

The sludge produced by the whole membrane bioreactor system is collected, concentrated and dehydrated by plate and frame pressure filtration, and the mud cake is transported to the landfill site without secondary pollution. Membrane bioreactor can take some measures to deodorant emission from facilities and equipment.

4. Small footprint

MBR membrane bioreactor uses as efficient treatment process as possible in order to improve the load rate. At the same time, some processing units are semi-floor style to minimize the footprint, such as the use of high efficiency TMBR process.

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