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Celebration of Rosun's 21st Anniversary and Inauguration of New Factory

Midsummer, when all things flourish, On May 20th, we celebrated the 21st anniversary of the establishment of our company and the inauguration ceremony of our new factory. An unspoken agreement among every Rosun individual.


To commemorate the inauguration of the new factory and the company's 21st anniversary, we held a unique and fun-filled sports day at the new factory.



Pre-match warm-ups and icebreaker games awakened our bodies and ignited our competitive spirit.



All members were randomly formed into 7 small teams!

▲ Tomato and Egg Team (Classic red and yellow pairing, flawless)


▲ New "Xing" Team (Prospering and closely tied to the theme, perfect team name)


▲ Hot Team (Hot temperature, passionate spirit, feel the warmth engulfing you)


▲ Rookie Team (Self-deprecating and humble, let the opponents lower their guard first)


▲ Youthful Flames Team (Youthful and vibrant, smiling faces like flowers)


▲ Green Lane Team (Green lights all the way, good luck)


▲ Red Carp and Green Carp Team



Game Highlights:

Stepping Stones Crossing:

Can't touch the ground, relying solely on three foam bricks to relay and pave your own path.

The road ahead is challenging, requiring both hands and feet to take steady steps towards the finish line.



Three-Legged Race:

Tied to your teammate by the legs, your body no longer under your complete control, the team's speed determines the ultimate success or failure.

Haste makes waste, a slight movement affects the whole body, every step is a test of rhythm and coordination.



Frisbee Nine-Square:

Knock down the scoring plates on the nine-square grid using a frisbee to earn corresponding points.

The opportunity to score for the team has arrived!

But hitting the target is not as simple as it seems, it requires precise throwing skills.




Centipede Walking Race:

Feet are wonderful, but too many feet can be a problem.

How can the entire team's N number of feet coordinate harmoniously to transport the balloon safely to the finish line?

This requires careful consideration and a slightly arched posture.



Moment of Honor:

After team collaboration, the sweat-soaked clothes bear witness to our dedication and efforts.

In the end, the top three teams in total scores for the sports events emerged victorious.

They received everyone's congratulations and some amazing prizes.


Mrs. Yu Jingru, the Chairwoman, presented the award to the first-place team (Camping set, a delight for outdoor enthusiasts!)


Vice General Manager Liu awarded the second-place team (Air fryer, guess who's jealous!)


General Manager Chen, the Water Prince, awarded the third-place team (Summer cool quilt, a much-needed seasonal item!)


In addition, all the members who didn't make it to the top three received "consolation prizes."


Every drop of sweat was not shed in vain, every shout echoed, and everyone gained something!

A regular Friday became meaningful as we immersed ourselves and gave our all, allowing time to rewind.


Thus, the New Year, New Home | Welcoming the Sports Day concluded successfully! 

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