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Today i will explain in detail what the treatment principles of hospital sewage treatment equipment are? The sewage treatment equipment adopts the international advanced biological treatment process. On the basis of summarizing the operation experience of sewage treatment equipment at home and abroad, combined with their own scientific research achievements and engineering practice, a complete set of organic sewage treatment device, which can be buried, is designed, which can remove BOD5, COD and NH3-N, and has stable and reliable technical performance. It has the advantages of good treatment effect, low investment, automatic operation, convenient maintenance and operation, and there is no need for taking up ground, building, heating and insulation, etc. Flowers and grass can be planted on the ground without affecting the surrounding environment.

1. Principles of hospital waste water treatment

1). The whole process control principle is adopted for hospital waste water treatment. Control the whole process of hospital sewage generation, treatment and discharge.

2). Hospital sewage treatment adopts the principle of reduction. The internal health and safety management system of the hospital shall be strictly controlled and the source of sewage and pollutant should be strictly controlled and separated. The domestic sewage in the hospital and the sewage in the ward shall be collected separately, that is, source control and diversion of polluted water and clean water. It is strictly prohibited to discard the sewage and pollutant of the hospital into the sewer at will.

3). Sewage treatment chemicals adopt the principle of on-site treatment. In order to prevent the pollution and harm in the process of hospital sewage transportation, it must be treated on the spot in the hospital.

4). Hospital waste water treatment adopts the classification guideline. Classify and guide hospital waste water treatment according to the property, scale, sewage discharge place and regional differences of the hospital.

5). The principle of combining standards with risk control is adopted for hospital waste water treatment. Comprehensively consider the basic requirements for sewage up to standard to discharge in general hospitals and infectious disease hospitals, strengthen the awareness of risk control, and improve the ability to deal with emergencies from the aspects of process technology, engineering construction, supervision and management.

6). Hospital waste water treatment adopts the principle of ecological safety. Effectively remove toxic and harmful substances in sewage, reduce the generation of disinfection by-products in the treatment process, control excessive residual chlorine in effluent, and protect the safety of ecological environment. Hospital waste water treatment equipment treatment principles mainly include the above six points.

2. What are the unique advantages of hospital waste water treatment equipment?

With the continuous development of society, the number of hospitals is also increasing, and the water consumption and drainage of hospitals are increasing, which intensifies the water pollution and environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent. The resulting water crisis has become an important restrictive factor for social and economic development. Therefore, it is necessary to select an effective sewage treatment equipment to ensure the effective treatment, and protect the environment. So, what are the unique advantages of choosing our hospital waste water treatment equipment?

1). Hospital waste water treatment equipment has high filtration precision: 0.05 micron ultra-high precision. Imported MBR membrane can intercept 100% suspended solids and moderate turbidity.

2). Water disinfectant powder can save floor area : compared with the traditional treatment process, it can save a lot of land use area.

3). High sludge concentration: due to the effective interception of MBR membrane, the concentration of biochemical tank can be greatly increased.

4). High degree of automation: PLC control, 24-hour operation, no need for special personnel on duty.

5). Low operation cost.

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