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Ⅰ. Roxycide can be used for aquaculture disinfection

With the continuous expansion and development of the scale of aquaculture, the water environment in aquaculture continues to deteriorate due to high-density aquaculture and excessive deposition of residual bait and manure, causing frequent occurrence of various aquatic animal diseases. In addition to strengthening management, farmers generally use aquaculture disinfectants to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the water body while using oral medications.

Therefore, roxycide has become one of the most commonly used disinfectants in aquatic animal breeding, used to eliminate or kill pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful microorganisms in the external environment.

Ⅱ. How to correctly choose and effectively use roxycide

1. In the process of aquaculture, targeted selection of suitable aquaculture disinfectant species can truly play the role of preventing and controlling diseases and improving water bodies.

2. Note Usage: generally disinfectant is used in sunny morning. It should be avoided to operate under strong light, and it is not suitable to operate under high temperature. First, dissolve the roxycide in water to make a solution. The disinfectant should be sprayed close to the water surface during use to reduce the contact between the liquid and the air.

3. Choose a reasonable dose of animal disinfectant according to the water quality and aquatic animal conditions.

When the aquatic animal disease is serious, the water quality is more fertile, and the effective concentration of this roxycide for aquatic animals is high, the dosage can be appropriately increased within the range of disinfectant use. Instructions for use are as follows:

ApplicationsTreatment PeriodsRoxycide™/pond(g/㎥)
Disinfection before stocking1-2 days prior to stocking1.2g/㎥
Disease prevention in stocked pondsOnce every 10 days0.8-1.0g/㎥
Disease outbreaksOnce every 3 days then repeated every 3 days0.8-1.2g/㎥
Treatment of fungi buildupOnce a day and repeated every 3 days1.5g/㎥
Water purificationOnce every 3 days0.2-0.3g/㎥

4. Alternate use: different types of aquaculture disinfectants have different killing ranges and effects on pathogens, and alternate use will have a better control effect on pathogens.

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