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The cat disinfectant spray is the quick and easy spray to disinfect; It kills bacteria and viruses. Specifically formulated for use with cats,it is suitable for a variety of surfaces within the home, including your cat's litter tray, hard floors, carpets and durable fabrics.

Types of Cat Disinfectant

Roxycide for Veterinary Disinfection
Roxycide for Veterinary Disinfection
Proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses, fungi. Fast-acting high activity against biofilms. Wide Applications: Surface, Aerial, Water Livestock Environmentally Friendly Poultry, Swine, Aquaculture, Pet...
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Functions Of Disinfectant for Cats

Functions Of Disinfectant for Cats

Roxycide cat disinfectant spray is a multi-functional as below:

1.Disinfect: Surface, Aerial, Water disinfection.

2.Clean away surface dirt;

3.Kill bacteria and viruses.

FAQS Of Cat Safe Disinfectant

What is a safe disinfectant for cats?

The disinfectant will damage the cat’s skin and affect its respiratory system. If you want to disinfect the cat, you need to choose a mild and non-irritating disinfectant powder. When disinfecting the cattery, you need to take out all the cats and open the window for ventilation.
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