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The equine disinfectant does not contain chlorine, is mild and highly effective. It is suitable for stable disinfectants and can be used for disinfection of animals. It can also disinfect drinking water.

Types of Horse Disinfectant

Roxycide for Veterinary Disinfection
Roxycide for Veterinary Disinfection
Proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses, fungi. Fast-acting high activity against biofilms. Wide Applications: Surface, Aerial, Water Livestock Environmentally Friendly Poultry, Swine, Aquaculture, Pet...
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Usage Of Horse Stall Disinfectant

Usage Of Horse Stall Disinfectant

Spray the inside of the stable door, around the walls and the floor with the prepared disinfectant, and spray all the surfaces. The disinfectant solution is sprayed on drinking fountains, hay racks, feed buckets, pipes, latches, door hinges and wall shelves for complete disinfection.

FAQs Of Horse Stable Disinfectant

What disinfectant is safe for horses?

Choose a safe stable disinfectant, Roxycide is a good choice. The main ingredient of this disinfectant powder for stables is potassium monopersulfate compound salt, which is mild and non-irritating, and can be disinfected with animals. It can also disinfect drinking water.

What can I use to disinfect my barn?

Keep the barn dry. Clean the surface first, and then spray the surface of each booth object with the prepared disinfectant solution for disinfection.

How do you sanitize a horse stable?

Scrub the surface of the object and rinse it thoroughly. Open the compartment windows and barn door and let the compartments dry completely. This may take a few days. Then spray the disinfectant, open the window to ventilate after spraying, and keep it dry.
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