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1. Long-term and institutional use of disinfectant for poultry

Disinfection for poultry breeding requires a planned and long-term implementation of a regular disinfection system. Usually, poultry houses, equipment and utensils should be disinfected once a week, and the surrounding environment should be disinfected half a month. Only in this way can preventive disinfection achieve its due effect.

2. The choice of disinfectant

The disinfectant that is safe, non-toxic, non-residual, broad-spectrum, long-acting, quick-acting, and stable should be selected as far as possible. Roxycide produced by Rosun is a disinfectant for poultry that meets the above requirements.

3. Alternate use of disinfectants

Because the antibacterial scope and efficacy of different disinfectants are different, long-term single use of a certain type of disinfectant such as chicken disinfectant is often unable to effectively kill all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, especially when the poultry house should be disinfected with live bodies in it, toxic, corrosive, and irritating disinfectants cannot be used. Due to the limitations of these factors, only harmless, odorless, non-irritating, such as decamethonium bromide, povidone iodine, etc. can be used, which can be used alternately with Roxycide, so the sterilization effect can be greatly improved.

4. Inactivated vaccines are forbidden during immunization

Because disinfectants for poultry generally have a killing effect on live vaccines, they can quickly reduce vaccine titer and cause immune failure. Therefore, it is forbidden to disinfect the environment and all items in the poultry house during the first 2 days of immunization with live vaccines and within 5 days after immunization, and it is forbidden to disinfect the drinking water so as to ensure the immune effect.

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