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Sewage treatment is the most difficult problem nowadays, and the enhancement of its management has become an important issue of social concern. The application of membrane bioreactor technology is one of the most basic tools, and the advantages of membrane bioreactor with treatment effect is good, so it should be highly valued and actively promoted.

1. The separation efficiency of MBR sewage treatment is relatively high

The MBR bioreactor do not require sedimentation tanks or filtration units in the process, which not only reduces the space occupied area, but also avoids the problem of contamination settling.

2. High concentration of activated sludge for MBR sewage treatment

The application of advantages of membrane bioreactor in sewage treatment has significantly improved the efficiency of biological reaction, increased the mass concentration of MISS in the system, accelerated the efficiency of organic sewage treatment chemicals, and ensured the overall water quality. At the same time, the content of suspended solids in the sewage is also reduced, and secondary pollution caused by insufficient degradation is avoided.

3. MBR sewage treatment effectively separates microorganisms from sewage

The waste water treatment chemicals realizes the separation effect between sewage and activated sludge, improves the efficiency of the free movement of sewage in the membrane cavity, and strengthens the connection effect between the water outlet tank and the water inlet tank. At the same time, microorganisms and bacteria are effectively isolated outside the membrane area, which realizes the separation of sewage and microorganisms, and effectively improves the effect of water recycling.

4. MBR sewage treatment can reduce the amount of sludge produced

Membrane bioreactor can effectively intercept sludge in the appropriate location inside the reactor, and achieve isolation from the sewage, so that no sludge is discharged. It can largely reduce the operating load of the system and reduce the harmful substances inside the reactor. The process can be operated under high volume load and low sludge load, and the remaining sludge output is low (theoretically, zero sludge discharge can be achieved), which reduces the cost of sludge treatment.

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