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Ⅰ. The pet safe disinfectant cleaner can keep pets hygienic

Maintaining clean home hygiene is very important to health. In particular, pet families should pay more attention. In addition to diligent cleaning, they should also be disinfected and cleaned regularly.

Use the pet friendly sanitizer, disinfect and expose pet supplies regularly to make the home environment more hygienic and safer, so that pets and owners can stay away from bacteria and viruses.

Disinfection is very important, especially for families with pets. Since humans can automatically stay away from items that are harmful to their own health, but pets do not know these, owners should pay attention to disinfecting pets.

Ⅱ. Some knowledge of pet safe disinfectant cleaners for disinfection and deworming

1. Clean the pet's food bowl and water bowl frequently, try to do it once a day. You can prepare 70% to 75% concentration of medical alcohol disinfectant, alcohol cotton pads or pet-safe disinfectant cleaners to wipe common small objects, such as pet food bowls, water bowls, cat litter trays, etc.

2. Pet utensils should be disinfected regularly, and pet bed pads should also be disinfected regularly with pet-safe disinfectant cleaners. The animal disinfectant powder must be cleaned up before pets can touch it. It can also be placed in the sun to dry and disinfect. Do not allow pets to touch sanitized furniture and floors in the room until they are dry.

3. It likes to sleep in your bed, so it is necessary to change and wash the sheets frequently, not to mention bacteria or something, but also pet hair.

4. Give pets a bath at least once every two weeks, and use pet-safe disinfectant cleaners with mite-removing and bacteriostatic formulas.

5. Do internal deworming for pets at least half a year, because pets like to smell and lick, so be careful of bugs in your stomach, it is very important to do internal deworming.

6. In spring and summer, do external deworming at least once every two months, and choose reliable deworming medicines, which can kill all external parasites, fleas, and ticks, including mites.

If the main component of common disinfectant contains the word "chlorine", it is not recommended for households with pets, such as disinfectant water with sodium hypochlorite as the main component. If this kind of thing is not diluted enough, it cannot be used directly. The original liquid is very corrosive, and pets will be poisoned if they accidentally lick or touch it.

Use a pet-safe disinfectant cleaner such as the vet disinfectant spray for pets that is not only harmless to pets, but also kills bacteria and viruses. No matter which disinfectant is used, be sure to dilute it according to the instructions.

During the process, the pets are isolated and sterilized, and then wiped again with clean water to remove the residue of the disinfectant, and then the disinfectant is hidden in the places they can't touch. If your pet develops vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, red and swollen throat, and drooling after using the disinfectant, be sure to bring it to the hospital immediately.

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