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As a hand-washing liquid, hand-washing liquid is a tool that is very conducive to keeping hands hygienic. Here are some knowledge about hand sanitizer before and after opening:

1. The shelf life of hand sanitiser before opening

You can see the expiration date on the bottom of the hand sanitiser bottle. The shelf life of hand sanitiser is generally three years, which is relatively long. It is recommended that if you buy a hand sanitiser, it is best to use it within the shelf life, otherwise it will cause deterioration and cannot be used anymore.

2. The shelf life of hand sanitiser after opening

The shelf life of special hand wash after opening is generally about one month. After opening a bottle of hand sanitiser, it is generally recommended to use it in about a month, because contaminants such as bacteria and dust can invade the hand sanitiser after opening the bottle. If exposed to the air for a long time, bacteria will slowly enter the hand sanitiser. The sterilization effect of this hand sanitiser will be greatly reduced, so it is recommended to use it as soon as possible after opening the bottle.

3. Can expired hand sanitiser still be used?

Hand sanitiser, as a kind of personal care items for sale, is used to wash hands, can remove bacteria, and smell very good after washing. Therefore, hand sanitiser has become popular in people's lives. The amount of hand sanitiser is not a lot each time, so its use time is relatively long and it is easy to expire.

Expired hand sanitisers can generally be used. If the expiration time is relatively short, only a few days, you can still use it, and use it to wash your hands and wash small pieces of clothing quickly. Hand sanitisers especially medical hand sanitizer with a long expiration time are not recommended.

If the nutrients in the hand sanitiser are changed, it will have side effects on the skin. It should also be noted that when washing hands in public places, it is best to check whether the hand sanitiser is relatively new. It is better not to use hand sanitiser covered with dust and dirt.

Many hand sanitiser boxes in public places are fixed on the wall, and the hand sanitiser is regularly replaced or added. But those boxes will not be replaced or cleaned. Over time, the hand sanitiser left on the inner walls of the boxes will breed bacteria. In this way, the amount of bacteria will exceed the standard in the long run, so it is recommended to clean the box of hand sanitiser regularly.

4. Does hand sanitiser have a bactericidal effect?

Hand sanitilizer gel with disinfection signs have disinfecting and antibacterial effects and will contain antibacterial ingredients. Removal of dirt, sterilization and disinfection is the main purpose of hand washing, and hand sanitiser can only meet the needs of sterilization. Because most hand sanitisers contain alcohol, alcohol cannot effectively remove some dirt, such as dust, dirt, blood stains, etc., attached to the skin's small crevices. Therefore, once the hands are contaminated with such dirt, only use hand sanitiser is not enough.

Before using hand sanitizer, you need to remove these dirts. Therefore, in this case, soap should be used to wash hands, not just hand sanitizer.

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