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Cleanliness and sanitation are critically important in the healthcare sector. Hospitals, medical office buildings, long-term care facilities, and Physician offices count on Rosun to provide hand soaps and sanitizers designed to reduce the risks present in healthcare, such as nosocomial infection and cross-contamination between patients.

Rosun offers medical hand sanitisers of all kinds including gels, foams, liquid to help prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

Our mission is to protect you, your patients, and your staff. With that in mind, our large selection of hand sanitizer products is perfect for your practice. Each and every one of the types of personal care products we carry is created with the highest of standards knowing the importance of infection control. 

Our disinfectant products for sale will give you the satisfaction of protecting yourself and your patients, that's why purchasing our products will benefit you the most.

Rosun's goal is to provide you with the right products and service solutions, keeping your staff and patients' health and safety a priority while preventing the spread of germs and disease. Our Hand Hygiene Program is glad to help you know the knowledge of infection, prevention, and solutions that will help raise awareness for you and your staff. This is a fast and easy way to find promotions, events, and webinars involving hand hygiene information.

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