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Water treatment equipment or devices are employed to enhance water quality, making it suitable for its intended purposes.  Applications encompass drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, irrigation water treatment, industrial cooling water treatment, process cooling water treatment, and various industrial water treatment processes.  Selecting the appropriate water treatment or management equipment necessitates a comprehensive knowledge of these applications and a deep understanding of the equipment used to address issues related to water quality.

As one of the leading wastewater equipment manufacturers in China, Rosun has been a high-tech enterprise specializing in comprehensive water environmental management since 2002. We can supply different kinds of water purification devices for various applications.

If you are looking for suitable water treatment equipment, please check the detailed information of our water treatment devices displayed below. Or please feel free to contact us directly!

Water Treatment Equipment For Sale

Membrane Bioreactor
Membrane Bioreactor
MBR (Membrane Bio-reactor) is a membrane separation technology with biological degradation.
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Water Treatment Filter
Water Treatment Filter
Water treatment filters are generally used in the water treatment process. Water treatment filtration is a physical treatment method to remove contaminants from water without changing the chemical composition of wastewater and sewage. With decades of development, water treatment filter technology meet the growing demand for industrial, municipal, and irrigation water filtration.
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