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How to install MBR flat sheet membrane?

The MBR flat sheet membrane module can replace the traditional secondary sedimentation tank, saving a lot of land construction area and cost.

The MBR film module needs to be installed correctly before use, and some installation matters must be paid attention to during component installation to ensure that it can be used normally in subsequent work.

  • Taking special circumstances as an example, if MBR membrane bioreactor technology and conditions are not available at the installation site, it can be directly assembled and transported to reduce installation time and increase construction efficiency;

  • The main types of MBR flat sheet membrane components can be roughly divided into dry film and wet film. The membrane components and brackets are now shipped separately to the site, and only a few special cases are shipped after assembly;

  • Under normal circumstances, the MBR membrane components need to be packaged separately, installed in wooden boxes with brackets according to the quantity, and video or staff assistance is provided when installing on site, and the installation method will be appropriately convenient and easy.

The only thing to note is that MBR flat sheet membrane components need to be welded to the pool bottom and filled with clear water. The membrane pieces are inserted into the component by piece and need to be handled carefully. The MBR membrane components are very soft and cannot be stepped on or scratched.

Precautions for MBR flat sheet membrane component installation

  • When installing the L-shaped water collection pipe for the MBR membrane component, if it is difficult to insert into the pipe, normal use of the silicone series lubricant is recommended. The solvent series lubricant will make the ABS resin age, so do not use it;

  • The MBR flat sheet membrane component contains some high-altitude operations during installation. It is necessary to wear appropriate protective equipment such as safety helmets, safety belts, and safety shoes to protect yourself;

  • When the L-shaped water collection pipe used in sludge is installed again, it is required to be washed thoroughly to remove sludge, etc. In addition, when the O-ring has cracks, it is necessary to replace it in time;

  • The weight of MBR membrane component pieces in a dry state is about 15kg. Two or more people are required to transfer membrane pieces;

  • When the MBR flat sheet membrane component encounters protrusions, it may sometimes appear damaged. When moving the MBR membrane component, please be careful not to touch obstacles and items with sharp edges (watches, objects, and sharp objects, etc.);

  • When dismantling and installing bolts and nuts in the component, use appropriately sized tools;

  • The material of the membrane piece is resin, and open flames or welding should not be used;

  • The bolts and nuts are made of SUS304 material. When reusing the bolts and nuts, in order to prevent them from sticking and burning, they need to be thoroughly washed and remove the sludge and other foreign substances, and coated with anti-bonding materials.

When using power tools for MBR membrane component installation, after the bolts and nuts have been installed, they need to be tightened to prevent the MBR flat sheet membrane components from cracking.

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