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1. Poultry farms need poultry disinfectant in summer

With the advent of summer, the number of mosquitoes in the farm increases. Many farmers want to sterilize the farm to prevent bacteria and diseases from breeding in the farm. So how to disinfect it?

1). First of all, two points should be considered when selecting disinfectants in poultry farms. One is to choose disinfectant types. Products that are harmless to humans and animals should be used and the appropriate amount of disinfectants should be prepared.

2). Select appropriate way to use poultry disinfectant powder, spraying or flushing. Starting from the ground and walls far away from the poultry house, the ceiling and corners also need to be disinfected in all aspects during the disinfection process.

3). When disinfecting the farm in summer, it is also necessary to open the doors and windows of the farm to facilitate ventilation and exhaust. After using poultry disinfectant, it is also necessary to wash other farming equipment with clean water to avoid accidents. For aquaculture, triple salt disinfectant could be a good choice.

2. Commonly used disinfectant in poultry farm

Poultry farms and chicken farms are prone to produce bacteria. If the poultry disinfectants can't be used well, it will cause great losses to many farms. Therefore, there is a large demand for drugs. What method should be used?

1). Bleach: halogen disinfectant, gray white powder, chlorine smell, insoluble in water, easy to be dissolved by moisture, and should be sealed for storage. Bacteriostasis is fast and strong with high quality and low price. Duck disinfectant is widely used for disinfection of fences, roads, septic tanks, feces, cars, drinking water, etc.

2). Chlorine dioxide disinfectant: halogen disinfectant, which can be used for disinfection and refrigeration of poultry and livestock such as disinfectant for cattle sheds, drinking water, fresh concentrated feed, and disinfection and deodorization of fence gas, pavement, equipment, etc; This product has performance of safety, convenience, sterilization, deodorization and so on.

3). Roxycide disinfectant: it is a quick-acting, broad-spectrum and environment-friendly poultry disinfectant. It has been proved to be a powerful but relatively mild disinfectant. It can effectively resist and kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is an ideal choice for poultry and aquaculture farmers. Its uses range from food production and processing to disinfection and sterilization of agricultural cultivation and organic matter control. It is easy to use. Roxycide is mainly used for disinfection of poultry farms and animal drinking water. It has strong disinfection power.

4). Formalin solution: hydrocarbon substitute disinfectant refers to an aqueous solution containing 37-40% formaldehyde, which has broad-spectrum antibacterial effect and is effective against bacteria, bacteria, virus infection and spores. It is also an excellent poultry disinfectant in the presence of organic compounds. Its disadvantage is that it has stimulating taste.

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