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1. Poultry farm disinfectant

Disinfection is one of the most important measures to prevent and control outbreaks of livestock diseases, and animal hygiene is an important guarantee for healthy livestock and poultry farming.

It is necessary to master the concentration of disinfectants: if the concentration of  is too low, the disinfection effect will not be achieved. If the concentration is too high, first it is a waste, second, it will corrode the equipment, and third, it will cause harm to the animal body easily.

Several disinfectants should be prepared on farms and used alternately regularly to avoid drug resistance. There are many kinds of disinfectants commonly used in farms, which can be divided into alcohols, iodine, acids, bases, halogens, phenols, oxidants, volatile alkylation agents, and so on according to their properties.

2. Water disinfectant for aquaculture

Due to the intensive aquaculture methods, aquaculture waters are polluted to varying degrees. Once water pollution occurs, it will lead to the proliferation of various microorganisms and bacteria.

The microorganisms in water caused by various reasons exceed the standard, which is easy to cause serious harm to aquaculture, leading to the disease of aquaculture fish and shrimp, resulting in a large area of death and other serious consequences. So in aquaculture, disinfectant is essential.

The triple salt disinfectant is widely used in aquaculture because it kills microorganisms and purify water. Aquaculture disinfectants as a green environmental protection product with a variety of effects, more and more farmers are welcome. Aquaculture disinfectant has a good bactericidal effect and no side effects, which is widely used in aquaculture, aquatic processing, and preservation industries.

3. Piggery disinfectant solution

To piggery, when choosing pig pen disinfectant, most people will consider its safety, disinfection effect, and price. If a disinfectant can meet these three requirements, it is a disinfectant that is worth using in pig farms.

① Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda): has a strong killing power to bacteria and viruses, and can dissolve protein. A hot water solution of 1% to 2% is usually used to disinfect pens, floors, and utensils.

Sodium hydroxide disinfectant is corrosive to metal objects and should be washed clean after disinfection. Because disinfectant for livestock is irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, pigs should be removed from the pen when disinfecting the pen, and the trough and floor should be flushed with water half a day later before they are allowed in.

② Lime milk: used for disinfection of lime milk is 1 part of quicklime and 1 part of water made of hydrated lime, and then water with 10%-20% mixture for disinfection. When the lime milk disinfectant is configured, it should be used with it to avoid failure and waste.

③ Bleach: it is a widely used disinfectant. Generally used for disinfection of livestock houses, ground, ditches, excrement, transport vehicles, etc. It is destructive to metal, clothing, and textiles, so be careful when using it. The bleach solution has mild toxicity, so people and animals should be careful when using the concentrated solution.

4. Precautions for using the disinfectant solution

Pay attention to the types of disinfectant products, try to avoid mixed use of disinfectants, avoid mixing different kinds of disinfectants, to prevent antagonism and reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants.

If necessary, use one disinfectant alone for a few days and then replace it with another. Alternate use of disinfectants can avoid or reduce the resistance of pathogenic microorganisms after long-term exposure to a single disinfectant.

Attention should be paid to the dilution concentration of disinfectant. Disinfection is only one of the important means to prevent epidemics, not the only measure to prevent epidemics. The same disinfectant, for different pathogenic microorganisms, the concentration of dilution is also different.

When doing the drinking water disinfection, because increased the concentration of disinfectant dilution, which can cause the maladjustment of alimentary canal flora of livestock and poultry likely. If the concentration of disinfectant is too high, it will cause the corrosion of the equipment in the livestock and poultry houses. If the concentration is too low, the disinfection efficiency will be reduced, and the ideal disinfection effect can not be achieved.

Therefore, only using the disinfectant reasonably can prevent the occurrence of animal diseases effectively.

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