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Ⅰ. The necessity of sewage treatment

With the rapid development of modern society's industrialization, the amount of water and wastewater in cities has increased sharply, and the situation of water resources has become increasingly tense. This has become a common problem facing all countries in the world. In the reality of water shortage, it is an inevitable development trend to use sewage as a renewable resource after advanced treatment, and the promotion and application of sewage resource utilization technology is imperative.

Ⅱ. Advantages of mbr bioreactor for domestic sewage treatment

(1) It can conduct efficient solid-liquid separation: the separation effect is much higher than that of the traditional sedimentation tank, the effluent quality is good, and thus the sewage treatment chemicals  for resources are realized;

(2) The high-efficiency interception effect of the MBR bioreactor enables microorganisms to be completely trapped in the bioreactor, so as to achieve complete separation of the hydraulic residence time and sludge age of the reactor, and the operation control is flexible and stable;

(3) Since the MBR bioreactor combines the aeration tank and the secondary sedimentation tank of the traditional sewage treatment into one, and replaces all the processing facilities of the tertiary treatment, it can greatly reduce the area occupied and save the civil construction;

(4) Water disinfectant powder makes use of the interception and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, so the systematic nitrification efficiency is high;

(5) The MBR bioreactor operates under the conditions of high volume load, low sludge load, and long sludge age, so the remaining sludge output is extremely low. Since the sludge age may be infinitely long, theoretically zero sludge discharge can be achieved;

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