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As long as the MBR flat sheet membrane is blocked, the system will lose water production due to the sharp increase in negative pressure inhalation. Is the MBR flat sheet membrane blocked due to poor membrane quality or inadequate operation? Today, we will learn what to do if the MBR flat sheet membrane is blocked.

There are three types of pollution blockage for the MBR flat sheet membrane

  • There are serious problems with the on-site system environment, and the total amount of sludge discharge is seriously insufficient. High temperatures and harsh climates bring many high-viscosity bubbles to dead mud fermentation, and many aeration causes foam to adhere to the outer surface of the MBR flat sheet membrane. Due to the liquid level gauge of various membrane tanks, virtual high liquid levels are produced, leading to incorrect system judgments and sharp rises in negative pressure.

  • The surface calcium ion structure of the MBR flat sheet membrane bioreactor membrane is severely blocked.

  • There is no activated sludge cultivation, and the growth of biodegradable sludge in wastewater is faster.

To solve the above problems, usually the sludge discharge can be increased to eliminate bubbles, adjust the biochemical ability of the system, clean the MBR flat sheet membrane in groups, acid wash the MBR flat sheet membrane, and soak it in sodium hypochlorite.

If the MBR flat sheet membrane is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to become blocked, so regular cleaning is very important. The general cleaning methods include physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. How should these two methods be implemented?

MBR flat sheet membrane blockage cleaning method

Physical cleaning

  • Clean manually, mechanically, or with a clean water tank. The commonly used method is online backwashing.

  • Online flushing: Wash the membrane with water every day, and the backwash pressure is greater than 0.5MPa 1MPa. The backwash time should be determined according to the requirements of the MBR flat sheet membrane factory. After the flushing, the backwash water needs to be discharged from the MBR flat sheet membrane to ensure that there is no excess water inside.

Chemical cleaning

Soak and clean the membrane with chemicals.

Online cleaning

To extend the cleaning cycle of the MBR flat sheet membrane, consider adding a quantitative amount of NaClO and HC1. Perform online chemical backwashing at intervals of 3-6 days. The backwash time should be 3-5 minutes each time. After the reagent backwash is injected into the membrane, it should be placed for 20-30 minutes before it can be put into normal effluent. Continuous aeration should be carried out during the cleaning process.

MBR flat sheet membrane technology has been widely used in the country, but there are also some problems in the use process, such as deterioration of effluent quality, frequent replacement of filter membranes, severe membrane pollution and damage, and low membrane flux. At the same time, oilfield oily sewage has complex components, high oil content, and difficult treatment, which also brings difficulties to the treatment of oilfield oily sewage. Oilfield oily sewage treatment has become an important way to reduce environmental pollution, ensure the sustainable development of oilfields, and improve the economic benefits of oilfields. In the future, oilfields should improve membrane treatment technology based on the basic situation and problems encountered in actual work. By combining with other technologies, we can find new and economical sewage treatment technologies on a small scale.

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