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What are the commonly used pigsty disinfectants? How to use them scientifically? People who raise pigs are very concerned about this problem. Here are some disinfectants commonly used by pig farmers and how to use them.

1. Pig pen disinfectant: peracetic acid

Peracetic acid is a pig pen disinfectant that can kill viruses and bacteria. It can be used to disinfect pigs and will not cause corrosion and poisoning when sprayed on pigs. However, this disinfectant needs to be used up as soon as possible after it is configured, because its shelf life is very short, so do not leave it for a long time.

2. Pig pen disinfectant: caustic soda

The caustic soda used in pigsty disinfectant has the powerful ability to quickly kill viruses and bacteria. 3% caustic soda solution is used for disinfection of pig house floors, sinks, troughs and other places. And this disinfectant has a strong disinfection function for places and environments contaminated by infectious diseases. However, it is forbidden to use caustic soda to disinfect pigsty, which will cause skin corrosion and burns.

3. Pig pen disinfectant: quicklime

Quicklime is also a disinfectant for pigsty. Quicklime itself has no disinfection effect. It is necessary to add water to produce calcium hydroxide, which is what we often call slaked lime. Prepare 10% ~ 20% lime milk and apply it on the walls, railings, floors, manure tanks and sewers of the pig house to achieve the disinfection effect.

4. Pig pen disinfectant: bleaching powder

Bleach powder can also be used as a disinfectant for a pigsty. Bleaching powder is a kind of livestock disinfectant products with a strong chlorine odor and sterilizing and deodorizing ability. 10% to 20% bleaching powder solution is often used for disinfection of pig houses, pig trucks, manure, soil, sewage, etc. 1% ~ 3% of the clear liquid can be used for disinfection of utensils such as troughs.

5. Pig pen disinfectant: formaldehyde

If formaldehyde is chosen as the disinfectant for pigsty, 2% ~ 4% formaldehyde aqueous solution is used to spray walls, floors, tools, etc. 1% aqueous solution can be used for pig body disinfection, and 40% aqueous solution can be used for fumigation and disinfection of pig houses. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation to avoid personal injury and property damage.

6. Pig pen disinfectant: Roxycide

Roxycide's products can disinfect pig houses, related equipment, water supply systems, and air, and can effectively resist and kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Roxycide's products can effectively prevent African swine fever. When an outbreak occurs, a diluent (1:200) is used to disinfect the eaves or other unsterilized areas, and pigs can enter immediately after use. It is a kind of poultry disinfectant products. Adding 0.1% of Roxycide to the drinking water of pigs can effectively disinfect drinking water, which is safe and effective.

In addition, it should be noted that various disinfection methods need to be used alternately, which can significantly improve the sterilization effect of pigsty disinfectants and prevent viruses and bacteria from developing resistance.

These pigsty disinfectants are widely used in various pig farms. In daily breeding and management, disinfection is a very important part of ensuring biological safety, preventing property losses, and improving production efficiency.

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