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Aquaculture growth is driving production and creating increased challenges including disease management, food safety, pollution control, and cost efficiencies. Disease management is a key challenge when aqua ponds have high levels of fecal matter, decomposing feed material, and ultimately high bacteria and fungal loads. Disease-causing organisms rapidly develop in such conditions. Management of the organic matter, oxygen, and ammonia concentrations are a key activity of pond management, and the tools to manage these aspects include probiotics and specialized disinfectants including Roxycide™.

Roxycide™ an activated oxygen aquaculture disinfectant that provides solutions for four key challenges for the Aquaculture industry:

Pathogen Control:

Roxycide™, as a kind of animal facility disinfectant, is a highly effective disinfectant against both bacterial and viral pathogens, efficacy against parasitic diseases such as Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD), White spot, and Costia as well as bacterial diseases such as Vibriosis, Columnaris and Bacterial Gill Disease (BGD).


As a professional bactericide manufacturer, roxycide™ is an effective tool in the prevention of disease transmission and management

Pond Ecology Management:

Roxycide™ is a mode of action that donates oxygen to the water while helping to manage organic matter


Roxycide™ active constituents degrade into inert and safe substances allowing ongoing and extended usage in the presence of aqua species, it is proven to have low toxicity to shrimp, fish, crab, and aquatic environments.

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