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The horse stall disinfectant is essential because Salmonella, Rhodococcus equi, strangles, rotavirus, and multiple other contagious disease outbreaks are the bane of horse owners, farm managers, and trainers. One strangles outbreak can wreck a show season, cause cancellations of breedings, sales, and racing dates, and tarnish the reputation of a farm. 

The horror stories are numerous, and we have to keep an important fact in mind–no vaccine for any disease of humans or animals is 100% effective. For some pathogens, such as R. equi (which causes pneumonia in foals) and Salmonella, no commercial vaccines are available, period. Preventive medicine rests not only on properly timed vaccinations, detailed farm management, deworming, and adequate nutrition but also on disinfectant for livestock.

Roxycide™ a broad spectrum activated oxygen horse stall disinfectant that provides solutions for four key challenges for the Equine disinfection:

Pathogen Control:

Roxycide™ is a highly effective horse disinfectant of disinfectant products manufacturers against both bacterial and viral pathogens, eradicates Salmonella, Rhodococcus equi, strangles, rotavirus, foot and mouth disease (FMD), and multiple other contagious diseases.


Roxycide™, a kind of veterinary disinfectant, is an effective tool in the prevention of disease transmission and management

Variety of applications:

Roxycide™ horse stall disinfectant its unique formula allows for a great variety of applications such as disinfection by wet spraying, misting or (Thermo) fogging, aerial disinfection, aisleways, horse trailers, water system sanitation, wheel and foot dip, vehicle disinfection.


Roxycide™ is readily biodegradable, does not accumulate in river beds, unlike other more dangerous substances.

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