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Because of its central position in the poultry production chain, the commercial hatchery has the power both to stop the spread of pathogens, for example from a Salmonella infected breeder flock, or to intensify a disease challenge, by spreading pathogens to customers or other supplying breeder farms.

Poor hygiene leads to reduced hatchability and poor chick quality, and the risk that farmers will lose confidence as a result of increased first-week mortality. It is therefore business-critical that commercial hatcheries take hygiene very seriously.

Roxycide™ is a proven broad-spectrum and highly effective but also user-safe, simple to use, and environmentally friendly disinfectant. Disinfectant for poultry provides solutions for four key challenges for poultry farming:

Pathogen Control:

Roxycide™ is a kind of water sanitizer for aquaculture, which is a highly effective disinfectant against both bacterial and viral pathogens, e eradicates all major poultry pathogens such as Salmonella, Avian Influenza, Campylobacter, New Castle Disease, or Gumboro.


Roxycide™ is an effective tool in the prevention of disease transmission and management.

Variety of applications:

Roxycide™ can be used as chicken coop disinfectant and duck disinfectant. Its unique formula allows for a great variety of applications such as terminal disinfection by wet spraying, misting or (Thermo) fogging, aerial disinfection, water system sanitation, wheel and foot dip, vehicle or egg disinfection.


Roxycide™ is readily biodegradable, does not accumulate in river beds, unlike other more dangerous substances.

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