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The increasing demand for water in cities and industries has led to a global water crisis. To conserve water resources and improve their efficiency, it is necessary to treat wastewater, recover water resources, reduce pollution in the surrounding environment, and improve the quality of life. The MBR flat membrane technology not only plays a role in this regard but also has many developmental advantages. As a result, MBR flat membrane technology has been widely used in wastewater treatment.

1. Application of MBR flat membrane in domestic wastewater treatment

Currently, the main target of wastewater treatment facilities is urban wastewater. To better treat wastewater, improve efficiency, and enhance people's living environment, MBR flat membrane technology can be applied to large-scale sewage treatment plants. When using MBR flat membrane to treat urban domestic wastewater, the removal effect of the membrane bioreactor on ammonia nitrogen and turbidity in domestic wastewater needs to be examined to ensure efficiency and quality.

2. Application of MBR flat membrane in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment

Pharmaceutical wastewater has a complex composition, with a variety of organic pollutants that can cause serious pollution problems. The traditional MBR flat membrane treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater mainly has the advantages of low energy consumption and small land occupation. The application of MBR flat membrane technology in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment can not only improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment but also ensure the quality of wastewater treatment. Using MBR flat membrane to recover pharmaceutical wastewater can promote steady economic development. Although the initial MBR membrane price can be higher than other technologies, it delivers significant savings in the long run, providing an affordable solution for wastewater treatment in the pharmaceutical industry. Overall, MBR flat membrane technology represents a sustainable solution for wastewater treatment in the pharmaceutical industry, improving efficiency and reducing costs in addition to promoting environmental protection.

3. Application of MBR flat membrane in beer wastewater treatment

When people's living standards improve, most people drink beer to relieve stress and for entertainment. Beer wastewater has the characteristics of low nitrogen and phosphorus content and high organic matter content. Using MBR flat membrane technology to treat beer wastewater can effectively remove substances such as ammonia nitrogen and SS, and improve the removal effect. In the beer wastewater treatment process, it is necessary to improve the removal rate of ammonia nitrogen to ensure quality and efficiency. Additionally, microbiological issues can be addressed by adding water disinfectant powder to the MBR flat membrane system, enhancing its efficiency in eliminating microbial organisms that may result in poor water quality. 

4. Application of MBR flat membrane in aquaculture and slaughter wastewater treatment

Aquaculture is the pillar industry of rural economy but generates a large amount of aquaculture and slaughter wastewater that causes serious pollution. In addition, there are a large number of nutrients such as organic matter, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the aquaculture process. Although they can be used for agricultural production, if the wastewater is not treated, it will cause serious environmental pollution. Flexibly applying MBR flat membrane technology in aquaculture and slaughter wastewater treatment can reduce environmental pollution and improve efficiency.

In summary, MBR flat membrane technology has made remarkable achievements in the field of wastewater treatment, playing an important role in promoting economic growth and protecting the ecological environment.

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