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Water is the source and development of life. However, humans make use of freshwater resources only accounts for two point five percent of all water resources. More than 40 years reforming and opening up, economic development at the cost of the environment. Freshwater resources are more and more deficient and it has become the constraint factor of economic development in our country at present. People all over the world talking about environmental protection and worrying about the deterioration of water pollution.

Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is focus on high-end disinfectant products production and application as well as water treatment engineering design and operation management. The products are safe, eco-friendly, and efficient which is including hospital waste disinfection, industrial wastewater treatment, municipal sewage treatment, drinking water disinfection, personal health care, public health, and poultry and aquatic farming disinfection, and so on. Rosun aims to promoting advanced disinfectant oxidation technologies and creating a better living environment. Rosun has established five departments: R&D department, Production-manufacturing department, Marketing management department, Technical engineering services department, talent training department. Rosun makes a huge investment to decode the new disinfection products such as animal facility disinfectant and leading the advance and development of the disinfectant industry in china.

As a professional manufacturer of disinfectant, shouldering the sacred mission of "makes rivers and the earth cleaner and helps billions of people healthier", the people of Rosun will live up to their expectations. Continue to uphold the concept of professional disinfection, environmental protection as the concept, to provide customers with quality products and services, easy to operate and manage products, down-to-earth, focusing on environmental disinfection for the purpose. Protect the industry, go hand in hand with the counterpart industry, and promote the long-term development of China's disinfection and environmental protection.
139 East Fifth Rd Of Auto Center, Eco & Tech Development Zone, Chengdu City, Sichuan, China