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Roxycide disinfectant powder for animals, a trusted shield for prevention, broad-spectrum disinfectant bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal.

Application range from agriculture to food processing where the focus is on bacterial and virus and organic matter control. Roxycide animal disinfectant powder disinfects livestock housing, surfaces, and equipment. It has been proven effective against more than 500 strains of viruses, bacteria, and fungi including African Swine Fever, Foot and Mouth Disease, Swine Vesicular disease, (FMD), Avian Influenza, Salmonella, and Campylobacter. Spectrum application in disinfectant for cattle sheds, poultry disinfectant powder, swine, bovine, equine, companion animals, powder disinfectant for lambing pens and dairy Industrial. For use these livestock disinfectant products when disinfecting, hard surfaces, housing (coops), equipment, vehicles, drinkers, and feeders and can also be used as a highly effective boot dip.

Veterinary Disinfectant Products

Roxycide for Veterinary Disinfection
Roxycide for Veterinary Disinfection
Proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses, fungi. Fast-acting high activity against biofilms. Wide Applications: Surface, Aerial, Water Livestock Environmentally Friendly Poultry, Swine, Aquaculture, Pet...
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Other Veterinary Disinfectant

Disinfectant for Poultry
Thorough disinfection of poultry facilities helps to ensure the safety of poultry. Roxycide can thoroughly clean poultry facilities without harming animals. We have chicken disinfectant, duck disinfectant and other poultry disinfectant, etc.
Disinfectant for Livestock
In livestock breeding, regular disinfection of livestock houses can help reduce the invasion of viruses and control the spread of infectious diseases. We have cattle disinfectant, pig disinfectant, sheep disinfectant and horse disinfectant, etc.
Disinfectant for Pets
Pet disinfectant can help disinfect pet house, remove most stains and reduce the infection of diseases. Roxycide is a kind of pet friendly disinfectant. We have dog disinfectant and cat disinfectant, etc.
Animal Disinfectant Powder Action Mechanism

Animal Disinfectant Powder Action Mechanism

  • The protein of pathogenic microorganisms is coagulated and denatured, resulting in the death of the pathogen.

  • It interferes with the enzyme system of pathogenic microorganisms, destroys their normal metabolism, and leads to the death of pathogenic microorganisms.

  • These poultry disinfectant products can change the permeability of the cell membrane of pathogenic microorganisms, make the cell contents lose a lot, cause cell dissolution and rupture, and lead to the death of the pathogen.

FAQs about Disinfectant Powder for Animals

Why the need for an animal disinfectant powder?

Disinfectant powder for animals is a class of drugs that kill pathogenic microorganisms or inhibit their growth and reproduction. The use of poultry disinfectant powder to disinfect livestock and poultry and their surrounding environment to kill pathogens and cut off the route of infection has become an important measure to prevent and control the epidemic of infectious diseases in livestock and poultry. However, if the same disinfectant is used for a long time or due to improper selection and use of the disinfectant and water sanitizer for aquaculture, the control and extermination of animal diseases will be delayed. Therefore, it is necessary to select and safely use livestock disinfectant products.

What disinfectant powder for animals do vets use?

Alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most popular disinfection products and is used every day in veterinary clinics. Although many alcohols have bactericidal effects, there is currently a new type of vet disinfectant, potassium monopersulfate compound salt, which has a good effect on animal disinfection.

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