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Small bottle skin disinfectant, 75% alcohol concentration, effectively kills virus and bacteria.

A variety of natural fragrances, such as aloe, flower, coconut, pineapple, woody, no fragrance.

Add amino acid moisturizer, Long-term moisturizing, water sense moisturizing "hand" health care. 100ml portable type, 500ml family type, available for the whole family. We can do OEM to meet customer customized requirements.

Types of Hand Sanitizer Gel

How to use Hand Sanitizer Gel?

First, squeeze hand sanitizer gel into the palm of your hand, then palm it over and rub each other 5-10 times. External cleaning: the left-hand heart rubs the right hand back, the right-hand heart rubs the left hand back, rubs mutually 5-10 times. Finger clearance cleaning: cross hands and fingers, rub back and forth 5 times. Hukou cleaning: rub your thumb into the first web space 5 times.
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