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  • 2002

    May——Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was formally established.

  • 2003

    Jan.——Obtained "New Nursing Product Recommendation Certificate" issued by China Nursing Association.

    Feb.——Awarded as "High-tech Enterprise".

    Apr.——Identified as the designated manufacturer of SARS disinfection products.

    Jul.——Awarded as "Sichuan Province SARS Prevention Unit with Outstanding Contribution".

  • 2004

    Mar.——A new plant was completed in Chengdu Guixi Industrial Park.

  • 2005

    May——The business scope has expanded to the research and development, production, and sales of specialty chemicals for environmental pollution treatment, and has increased the consulting services of environmental protection technology.

    Dec.——Become the member unit of Shanghai Drug Disposal Association.

  • 2006

    Sep.——Awarded "Sichuan Enterprise Quality and Reputation Grade A Enterprise".

  • 2008

    Mar.——Established a wholly-owned subsidiary "Sichuan Rosun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.".

    May——In 5.12 earthquake relief, our company's products were rated as the designated disinfectant for earthquake relief.

    Dec.——Completed the compilation of some chapters of “Technical Specifications for Hospital Disinfection” by the Ministry of Health of China.

  • 2009

    Oct.——The new factory, Economic and Technological Development Zone, was completed in Chengdu.

  • 2010

    Aug.——Awarded "Excellent Award for Independent Innovation of Enterprise Scientific and Technological Achievements".

  • 2011

    May——The first Rosun disinfection cleaning service center was opened in Jinan.

    Jun.——Our products were listed in the 2011 Chengdu local famous products recommended catalog.

  • 2012

    Jun.——Won the first "Sichuan most" title.

    Oct.——Participated in the editing of "Progress in Modern Disinfectology".

  • 2013

    Mar.——Became a member of the Sichuan Environmental Protection Industry Association.

                  The local taxation bureau of Beijing Haidian district and the state intellectual property office granted the patent right and issued the utility model patent certificate.

    May——Participated in the editing of "Oral Nursing"; Rosun DW-1, Yikou gargle, Skin disinfectant, and HS-1 w listed in 2013 Chengdu Local Famous and Excellent Products Recommended Catalogue.

  • 2014

    Jan.——Rosun DW-1 was officially included in the drinking water disinfectant, non-new product catalog.

    Mar.——Establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, "Rosun Hong Kong Technology Co., Ltd".

    May——Set up Shenzhen marketing center branch.

  • 2015

    Jan.——Comprehensive development of municipal sewage and water plant business.

  • 2016

    Aug.——Became deputy secretary-general of the water purification professional committee company for China Membrane Industry Association.

    Oct.——Won the title of "Excellent Disinfection Enterprise" by Shanghai Disinfection Association. Ms. Yu Jingru, the chairman of the board, was elected as vice president of the Shanghai Disinfection Association.

  • 2018

    Nov.——Determined the whole series of pharmaceuticals for sewage and drinking water sewage as the development direction, and carried out the research and development of related products with CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute and marketing of the whole series of pharmaceuticals.

  • 2019

    May——Rosun SE-1, HS-1, DW-1, Yikou gargle, Skin disinfectant, and Feminine wash were listed in the 2019 Chengdu Local Famous and Excellent Products Recommended Catalogue.

    Jul.——Establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, "Shuiwangzi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd".

  • 2020

    Mar.——New plant of Shuiwangzi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd in Chengdu Tianfu international biotown was under construction.

    Dec.——Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. won the gold supporter of the 24th seminar held by the logistics professional committee of the Chinese Hospital Association.
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