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There are three basic ways of providing biosecurity barriers 1) physical barriers, as when using coveralls or boots, 2) chemical barriers as with the use of disinfectants, and 3) logical barriers that keep out of situations that lower exposure.

A good disinfectant for livestock once selected, will help reduce the resistance of the bacterial and other germs on the farm. When tied with good cleaning techniques a load of germs on the farm can be minimized and the spread of disease-forming agents can be achieved. Disinfectant for poultry house then forms the basis of good poultry farm operational biosecurity.

4 reasons to put RoxycideTM at the heart of poultry farm biosecurity.

  • Proven to kill on the farm as well as in the laboratory – animal facility disinfectant is independently proven in field trials to be highly effective against the most serious threat to livestock – the viruses

  • The superior operator safety profile ensures that RoxycideTM is convenient for users and can be misted in the presence of animals

  • Environmental friendly –RoxycideTM has been formulated to include ingredients that have been carefully selected for their ability to degrade naturally within the environment

  • Easy to transport and store –RoxycideTM can be transported conveniently and rapidly by rail, sea, and air with no additional spend requirements for transport or storage

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