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Disinfection Products
Rosun Disinfection Supplier is specialized in personal care products, animal disinfectant powder, high-end environmental disinfection products and water treatment chemicals products.
About Company
Why Choose Rosun

Established in 2002, Rosun, a professional antiseptic disinfectant products manufacturer and antiseptic disinfectant supplier in China, has been committed to high-end environmental disinfection products, personal care products, and water treatment chemicals, and dosing equipment R & D. 

Rosun owns its own disinfectant factory which is able to provide production and sales, while providing environmental protection engineering design, construction, chemicals supply, equipment supply, professional maintenance. 

Disinfectant products wholesale is also available, welcome to contact us now!

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About Rosun
About Rosun
Rich Experience

Focus on personal protection, water treatment chemical, equipment R&D, and production since 2002.

Professional Team

A professional customer service team and 200 professional employees.


We have FDA, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, NSF, CSR-Cu State Registration, REACH TEST Certificate.

Global Market

Our products are exported to Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco, Japan, USA, UK, etc.

About Industries
Application For Disinfection Products
Rosun mainly sells products related to high-end disinfection care, livestock poultry aquaculture disinfection, industrial circulating water treatment, domestic sewage treatment, drinking water disinfection of residents, and environment & object surface disinfection.
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Our mission: Makes The Rivers And Earth Cleaner, Helps Billions Of People Be Healthier!Send us your needs for your business, we have a professional service team to answer you ASAP! We offer a variety of disinfectant products including types of personal care products, animal disinfectant powder, water treatment products and environment disinfectant for customers. Whatever you need, we are here for you!
139 East Fifth Rd Of Auto Center, Eco & Tech Development Zone, Chengdu City, Sichuan, China