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Rosun, as one of the leading surface sanitizer manufacturers, supplies types of surface sanitizer wholesale. An unhealthy environment can easily lead to the spread of viruses. Disinfection can eliminate or kill the pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful microorganisms in the external environment, so as to prevent and prevent the occurrence, transmission, and spread of epidemics. It can also kill or remove all microorganisms (including spores) on vectors to a sterile level.

Environment refers to the surroundings of the patient or resident. Cleaning the environment usually refers to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, guest room surfaces (e.g., floors, tables), and medical equipment. It is particularly important to pay attention to cleaning and disinfection of frequently contacted items, such as bed railing, tray table, infusion pole, call button, bedside table, telephone, trolley, toilet, bedpan, sink, door handle and lever, lamp, Switches and faucet handles.

Types of Enviroment and Object Surface Cleaning

Enviroment and Object Surface Disinfection
Enviroment and Object Surface Disinfection
Enviroment and Object Surface Disinfection plays an important indirect role in the acquisition of pathogenic bacteria in hospitals, the contamination of medical personnel and medical equipment.
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Fabric Disinfection
Fabric Disinfection
Fabric disinfection is suitable for fabric disinfection in medical institutions.
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FAQ of Enviroment and Object Surface Cleaning

Why Is It Important To Clean The Environment

Bacteria, fungi, and viruses exist in the environment and can cause infection. Cleaning and disinfecting the surface of objects and medical equipment, especially those in frequent contact, can effectively prevent the spread of the virus.

Which Disinfectant Should I Use When Disinfecting Environmental Surfaces

  • Ventilate

  • Vinegar disinfection method

  • 75% alcohol wipe method

  • Ultraviolet sterilization

  • Use HS-1 disinfectant spray

When Should The Environment Be Cleaned And Disinfected?

  • The surface of objects (such as the floor, desktop) and other environmental surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected.

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection schedule of the room.

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