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May 7-8th, 2018,Rosun Team under the leadership of Ms. Sonya Yu( International Manager), with members of Mr. Aditya Muhammad(Marketing Manager, Indonesia), and Mr. Guowen Liao (Water Treatment Engineer) visited PT SMS (Semarang), one of the potential distributor.

The purpose of this visit, one side is to provide MBR training for the PT SMS marketing and engineer team to make sure they have a deep understanding of MBR technology and know how to install and manage MBR products so as to meet the needs of end-users requirements. On the other side is provide some guidance for their marketing of MBR filter membrane.

After the training, PT SMS took our team to visit several potential MBR end-users hospitals, these hospitals need to reuse the wastewater to do garden irrigation and flush toilets. According to the feedback from the hospital sanitation department, at least 50 m3 of water is needed for gardening every day. Therefore, they require wastewater to be MBR treated to meet reclaimed water standards so that it can be reused in a variety of applications. Thus our industrial water treatment chemicals are needed.

Generally speaking, the visit and training are very successful, we see there is a huge demand for MBR technology in the Indonesian market, and PT SMS has strong hospital customer resources, We are looking forwards to Rosun establish cooperative relationship with PT SMS in near future.

Rosun Provides Technical Training For Indonesia Distributor

Rosun Provides Technical Training For Indonesia Distributor2

Rosun Provides Technical Training For Indonesia Distributor3

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